ChArgE in和ChArgE out的意思是什么

charge in 进料 网络释义专业释义 装药 装药 基于1个网页-相关网页 进攻 中电荷 电荷 短语 Charge Calls In 充话费进去 charge distribution in molecule 电荷分布 charge discharge in factory 训练充放电 Charge Density in Oil 油中电荷密度 ...

释义 in charge of⒈主管,负责,掌管,总管An experienced machanic is in charge of the job. 一位有经验的机械师负责这工作。⒉照料,照顾,看管,看护Mary is in charge of the children. 玛丽负责照顾这些孩子。 in the charge of⒈由……负责,...

second-in-charge 副主任 副手。 二当家。 例句 1. A little hunchback came forward and offered to escort me to the office of M. leCenseur, second in charge. 一个小驼背过来主动提出带我去勒桑塞尔先生的办公室,那是第二号人物。 2. Car...

(1)in charge of 主语为物,表示被掌管. (2)in the charge of 主语为人,表示某人掌管什么..(如企业) 例子: He was in charge of the company.他掌管这个公司 This company was in the charge of Mr Wang.这家公司由王先生掌管

in th charge of是由某人负责的意思,主语是事物,什么事由谁负责 in charge of 是负责的意思,主语是人,谁负责某事

in charge of 和 in the charge of 的区别 举例: I am in charge of Lily.=Lily is in the charge of me.

officer-in-charge 英['ɒfɪsər'ɪntʃ'ɑ:dʒ] 美['ɒfɪsər'ɪntʃ'ɑ:dʒ] [释义][法] 主管官员; [网络]主管人员; [例句]Such regulations must be prepared by the facility's officer-in...

d-i-c 主管 PD 项目总监 in charge:负责,主管 director in charge > project director 在工程中有项目总监(主任),财务总监(主任),采购总监等 DIC就是总的主管的意思

都是“负责、掌管”的意思,in charge of 是个介词短语,不能直接放在主语后面。 be in charge of前面加了be动词,能直接放在主语后面。比如:He is in charge of the company.(精锐教育老师)

official in charge [əˈfɪʃəl ɪn tʃɑrdʒ] 官长 双语例句 1. Range Officer - Match official in charge of competitor action. 靶场主任 - 负责选手动作的赛会工作人员. 2. Supporting China's feudal ...


charge in和charge out的意思是什么
in charge of 和 in the charge of 的区别
in charge of 和 in the charge of 的区别
in charge of 和 in the charge of 的区别
in charge of 和 in the charge of 的区别
in charge of 和be in charge of用法有什么不同
official in charge是什么意思